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Unfortunately, most drunken driving accident cases involve significant injury or wrongful death. The percentage of fatal car accidents involving alcohol is extremely high. With some estimates at over one third of fatal car accidents involve the drinking driver.


Many times, the drunk driver has little or no insurance coverage, which can leave the drunk driver accident victim holding the bag with mounting medical bills and lost wages they can’t hope to recoup, let alone compensation for injury. In these cases often the victim has “full coverage” on their own automobile and it may provide some coverage to them for the accident. In Texas, the underinsured and underinsured motorist coverage can be a savior. In that case, the victim’s own insurance company stands for the losses caused by the drunk driver.


Other times even if the drunk driver has no insurance there may be under very specific facts other potential defendants. Although it is difficult in Texas to hold a bar or club accountable it can be done with early investigation and the right facts. Additionally sometimes other factors lead to the injury such as a tire failure or car fire and potentially may lead to a product claim even though the accident was caused by the drunk driver.


The Texas crime victims fund is another potential source to help a family who’s been the victim of a drunk driver.


With serious injuries or wrongful death from a drunk driver it is important to explore avenues that may be available for thevictim of a drunk driver.

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