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Please Don’t Drink and Drive.

Texas Leads the Nation in Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents



Almost 1500 people die in alcohol-related accidents in Texas each year.


A fight against drunk driving in Texas has always been an uphill battle. It was not long ago that several notable political figures were fighting hard to keep open container laws often books in Texas. That is the background Texas families find themselves when fighting against drunk driving and protecting their families.


The battle against drunk driving in Texas has to be fought on many fronts. High visibility law enforcement with advertising campaigns is critical but is not the final answer. Appeals to younger people and education regarding the consequences of drunk driving are an important element in what should be our strategy in Texas. Certain age groups are the future for Texas and we must give special emphasis to those under the age of 21 to educate them about the dangers of drinking and driving.


Also, having a DWI offender who injures another in jail does nothing to put bread on the table for victim’s family or pay mounting medical bills while a victim recovers from an accident with a drunk driver. It is important that Texas families have adequate civil remedies, in addition to criminal prosecution of drunk drivers who brings tragedy to Texas families. Some laws in Texas actually benefit the drunk driver at the expense of the innocent victim.


We ask you join the fight to stop drunk driving in Texas and also to help secure rights and options of innocent Texans injured in a DUI or DWI accident.


Please lead by example, and if you have children, please talk to them about drunk driving and the consequences for drinking while driving. The sooner you talk to your children about the consequences of drinking and driving the better. 


There are many great organizations that are fighting on many fronts, from education to lobbying law makers. Give your time or your money to help make Texas a safer place for your family. 



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